I love nothing more than the smell of dirt and new lumber. It means a home is being built for a family, your family. Equally, I love the day I can hand over keys to you and step back and watch as you enter your new home for the first time. My pride and joy is equaled only by your excitement as you enter your brand new home for the first time.

I know that you will come to value the experience of a hand built home as much as I love building it.


Stuart McDonald

Vice President of Operations

The Vice President of Operations, Stuart McDonald, has been building homes since he was a young man in the Military Academy. His professional career has been wholly focused on innovation and quality in the area of new home construction.

In the last decade, he has kept pace with our fast-changing industry. His work as a founding committee member of the My Safe Florida program ( was instrumental in developing hurricane resistant housing standards for the state of Florida. These standards have since served as a model for South Carolina and other at-risk coastal states. He remains a founding member of the award-winning EcoHome magazine editorial advisory board. The editors at EcoHome rely on a select panel of experts to reliably advise them on green building products and practices for residential construction professionals.

Throughout Stuart’s professional life, technology and customer care have remained a dual focus. The pursuit of quality has always led him to question, “Is there a better way?” As one of the primary architects of storm resistant features program, he has toured and spoken extensively on the subject with members of the Florida Governor’s cabinet.

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I want to thank you and your outstanding team for building our new home. It is a beautiful tribute to the talent, dedication to detail and thoroughness you all exhibited throughout the process.


Home Owner